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2010 03/01/11
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Graphic Equalizer Studio 2010 03/01/11 Trial version English

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Graphic Equalizer Studio is an audio software program you can use as an integrated compressor, limiter, mixer or enhancer. This program has a multitude of features including: a programmable enhancer and limiter, a mixer play list, a batch restoration tool and tag editor for MP3 files, a correlations meter, a RMS level meter and peak level for the input and output, an integrated compressor, a 1/3 octave display for frequency bands, an automatic calculation of band frequencies with octave selector, DSP normalization of WAV files, a programmable frequency selection with independent band calculator and a programmable Q-factor for fine tuning separate configurations.

Graphic Equalizer Studio also has configurations saved in 2 locations, automated equalization of live audio and real time equalization of all digital audio.

There is an MP3 player and refresher, along with many more features. People will find the Graphic Equalizer Studio to be a very useful tool for producing more consistent sounding audio.

"Graphic equalizer"

Applies to both 2010 and new 2011. Duplex mode has around 2 second delay regardless of what computer its run on. They hide this problem behind the full version so you don't get to know until you have bought it and it's too late.. Website claims it's great for radio or studio!!! email company and no response. don't waste you money, it looks good buts thats about it!!

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25 Feb 2012

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